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On April 25, 2020, beautiful Mission Bay, San Diego will be the backdrop for the inaugural Paddle for Kids fundraiser, supporting families and children affected by childhood cancer. Paddling traditional six-person Hawaiian outrigger canoes, families and supporters will take to the water to raise funds for Rady Children’s Hospital. Kui kamana, the Hawaiian belief that we are all responsible for all children, is reflected in the traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes that we will paddle that day; for just as it takes a village to build a canoe, it takes a village to care for our children. Join our village for a day of celebration, solidarity, and strength, guiding our canoes through the waters of the Bay, and working together to help overcome childhood cancer. You can register as a team or join a crew. Paddle to honor a friend, a family member, or a co-worker. Paddle to make a difference.

Produced by Hawaii Global Outrigger Canoe Voyagers, under the leadership of Kumu (teacher) Kimokeo Kapahulehua, this event intends to become a tradition in San Diego. “Uncle” Kimokeo, as he is referred to in Hawai’i, is the organizer behind the renowned Paddle for Life, a voyage between the islands of Maui and Lana’i. Paddle for Life, now in its 12th year, has brought together thousands of paddlers and supporters while raising over $1 Million dollars for cancer research and treatment in Hawai’i. With such a reputation behind it, San Diego’s Paddle for Kids looks to make as great an impact, if not more, for the families and children of Rady Children’s Hospital.

Uncle Kimokeo

He moku he wa’a, he wa’a he moku… there is an island in a canoe and a canoe in an island.


Honorary Sponsors $10,000

Two Opportunities will be the Presenting Sponsor of this historic inaugural voyage. Includes two teardrop banners, at least 8-feet tall, with company name and logo, displayed at the event.


Kaipapa’u (Coral Reefs) $5,000

Two opportunities available. Includes one teardrop banner, at least 8-feet tall, with company name and logo, displayed at the event.


Kahakai (Shoreline) $2,500

Four opportunities available.


Malu Wa’a Pa $1,000

10 opportunities available.


Hoe Wa’a (Paddler) $300

If you cannot paddle but would like to sponsor a team.


Sponsor Recognition (based on level) includes:

  • Use of the PADDLE FOR KIDS logo for your website / social media channels

  • Website and social media exposure on PADDLE FOR KIDS

  • Logo on event shirts, posters, banners.

  • Email distribution to newsletter recipients

  • Product and or branding literature distribution in paddler bags


If you would like to make a donation directly to Rady Children’s Hospital:

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